BMP is supporting IGAD Members States to review and strengthen sector policies and frameworks for sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation at both the national and regional levels. A set of protocols will address specific issues such as wildlife trafficking, the control of invasive species in biodiversity-rich ecosystems, the benefit-sharing of ecosystem services, domestication and implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements.  In 2014, national reviews were drafted by national consultants and seven validation workshops were held in the IGAD Member States.

Two key themes arose in the national validation workshops:

1) the lack of information about biodiversity and its contribution and relevance to the national development agenda (or poor sharing of such information where it is available); and

2) the weak institutional collaboration or commitment of resources to address specific issues to achieve policy goals or to respect already defined regulatory frameworks.

In Feb/March 2015 Professor Brigitte Fahrenhorst prepared a synthesis report of the national consultants, and drafted a Regional Biodiversity Policy Paper.  In April /May 2015, National Consultation Workshops were held in Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and in May 2015 Brigitte visited Gambella (Ethiopia). National Consultations have been held in Djibouti in May 2015.