By supporting better regional teamwork in the Horn of Africa's environmental sector - the Biodiversity Management Programme empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty through sustainable natural resource management, with plans and projects endorsed by government and supported by partners on the ground. 

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Community based conservation

Supporting community-based conservation initiatives empowers local people to spearhead natural resource management in their areas. This not only benefits the families that rely on the environment, but also opens up opportunities for the wider community to benefit from alternative income such as eco-tourism.  
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Impacts on biodiversity

From collaring the endangered Nile lechwe, to tracking Gambella's elephants, the Biodiversity Management Programme aims to provide local authorities with the scientific information they need to make informed decisions about natural resource management and biodiversity conservation.
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Policy development

BMP is supporting IGAD Members States to review and strengthen sector policies and frameworks for sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity conservation at both the national and regional levels. This will help address issues such as wildlife trafficking and the control of invasive species.
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