Regional Biodiversity Database and Regional Reference Information System

BMP Result 3 aims to generate information, exchange experiences and capitalise on the work of the BMP programme to share information about biodiversity in the IGAD Region.  A series of workshops have been held to define a) a Regional Biodiversity Database and b) a Regional Reference Information System.


Djibouti Workshop
(3-4 November 2015)

The first workshop was held in Djibouti to bring together biodiversity data holders in the IGAD region and discuss options and priorities for developing regional data sets and portals for sharing them.

Participants at the 2nd igad regional biodiversity database synergy meeting

Nairobi Workshop
(28-29 November 2016)

The 2nd Synergy workshop was held in Nairobi from 28-29th November 2016 and was attended by over 50 regional and international experts. 

Presentations on Day 1 set out the wide range of ongoing work of IGAD regional institutions, and the BMP partner institutions.  

On Day 2 participants developed a roadmap for further database development. This roadmap lays out: Key Data Layers to be developed for the IGAD region; Web Portals for sharing information; and a Regional Network to support the development of data layers and sharing of information.

The outcome of the workshop is a clear way forward for the remainder of the programme to develop the Regional Database and Reference Information System.

Next Workshp Scheduled for ....