Developing effective systems for managing protected areas is vital for conservation, and for communities that depend on the natural resources within that landscape. Managing these natural resources sustainably, and monitoring changes within the ecosystem, is key to reducing poverty. The Biodiversity Management Programme is partnering with the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme (BIOPAMA) to develop a Regional Reference Information System (RRIS) for the horn of Africa. This aims to define the ecological characteristics of a protected area, and provide information on the legal frameworks, governance and management arrangements for these areas. It also aims to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of these practices with regard to conservation outcomes.

BIOPAMA aims to address threats to biodiversity in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, while reducing poverty in communities in and around protected areas. It does this by helping to enhance existing institutions and networks by making the best available science and knowledge accessible to them. In this way the Programme hopes to build the capacity of local people,  improve policies and assist in better decision-making on biodiversity conservation and protected areas management.