Principal donor

EU Delegation to Djibouti

 The Biodiversity Management Programme is a beneficiary of the 10th EDF Regional Programme for the Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region. It was awarded a €14 million grant to strengthen policies, build capacities, and boost sustainable management of cross-border landscapes in the horn of Africa.

BMP Management Team at the IGAD Secretariat

The Management Team is headed by Dr Debalkew Berhe, Deputy Director of Agriculture & Environment Division.  He is supported by a small secretariat including a Finance Officer, a Procurement Officer and an Administrative Assistant. The Management Team is further supported by a Technical Advisory Team.

The Technical Advisory Team (TAT) is contracted through the Finnish branch of NIRAS, an international consulting firm. The TAT is made up of a Team Leader, a Monitoring, Communications and Capitalisation Expert, a Regional Policy Expert, and a Biodiversity Database Expert.

The IGAD Secretariat has its own budget to implement Results 2 and 3 of the BMP, coordinate the programme, and organise periodic Programme Steering Committee Meetings.

Implementing partners